Hot Horses How-Tos

How To: Detect strangles in a horse

A veterinarian explains one of the most commonly encountered respiratory diseases affecting horses. Find out what horses get it, what it is and how to recognize symptoms of strangles. Watch this video veterinary tutorial and learn how to detect strangles in a horse.

How To: Keep a horse from head tossing

Head tossing can be dangerous for the horse rider, and is sign of discomfort for the horse. Watch John Lyons' video tutorial to learn his tried and tested method for reforming a head tosser. These simple tips will make training a horse to stop tossing its head around easy and clear. Keep a horse from head tossing.

How To: Get a horse to take dewormer medication

Watch as Janice Posnikoff, DVM, shows how to get your horse to take his dewormer medication. Control harmful, performance robbing parasites including encysted small strongyles and tapeworms in a single dose with QUEST (moxidectin) and QUEST PLUS (moxidectin/praziquantel). Learn how to give a horse deworming medication by watching this video tutorial and following along with equine veterinarian Janice Poskinoff. Get a horse to take dewormer medication.

How To: Trot a horse

In this video series, watch as Kelli LaBar teaches you how to trot and jog with a horse. Learn how to transition between trots and jogs and how to move forward and backward on a horse.

How To: Bathe a horse

Expert Kelli LaBar will show you all you need to bathe and condition your horse. Kelli gives you a list of supplies, safety tips, and advice throughout. You will learn how to curry and stiff brush the horse, how to shampoo the body, tail, and face, and how to add conditioner.

How To: Care for horses

In this video series, our expert will show you how to groom and care for a horse. Learn great tips for buying a healthy horse, grooming the horse's head, body and tail, and care for horse hooves. You will also learn about horse care equipment, what and how to feed a horse, how to ride a horse, and how to exercise horses.

How To: Mount and dismount your horse

In this video series, watch as Kelli LaBar teaches how to mount and dismount a horse. Get horse safety tips, learn how tighten the girth, how to pull up on a horse, how to mount from the ground and from a mounting block, and how to adjust the stirrups.

How To: Plait a horse's mane

Learn how to expertly plait your horse's mane, using both methods of plaiting: plaiting with bands and plaiting with cotton. You will need a horse with a pulled mane. Begin by brushing and dividing the mane. For showing purposes, there should be an odd number of plaits in the mane and an even number for the forelock. Also, learn how to remove the plaits without breaking the hairs. Always know where your needle and plaiting bands are at all times. And never leave the plaits in for a long time....

How To: Care for your horse's hooves

A well cared for hoof is essential. Follow this simple guide for healthy, well maintained hooves. A well cared for hoof is vital for the prevention of lameness, joint, back and leg problems and enables your horse to move freely and comfortably. You will need a hoof pick, an experienced farrier, hoof growth treatment, a bucket of water, a water brush, and a brush and some hoof grease. Then, check the hooves, take care of the hoof wall, trim the hooves, and shoe him regularly. Care for your hor...

How To: Plait a horse's tail

Do you want your horse to be the best turned out at the next show? Then follow this simple guide, showing both methods of plaiting to make your horse look like the star he or she is! All you need is a body brush, water brush, bucket of water, mane comb, needle, and plaiting thread, the same color as your horse would be best, two elastic bands, a bowl of one egg white, a bucket of water, and a pair if scissors. Plait a horse's tail.

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