How To: Train a horse not to kick you

Train a horse not to kick you

Horses don't kick their owners and handlers unless they think it is okay, or unless they think there won't be any repercussions for their actions. The gentleman in this video shows you that being gentle with your horse can go a long way!

The key, he says, is in the handling. Brushing your horse, petting your horse, and grooming him daily can let the horse know that you are safe to be around, and he will be less likely to become startled and alarmed when around you.

Spending time with your horse, and handling him as described in this video teaches the animal early that it is okay for you to touch and be near him, without disturbing his space and alarming him, which can result in a kick.

The video features an absolutely adorable horse, and gives gentle pet owners hope that proper training can be achieved through kindness!

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