How To: Care for your horse

Care for your horse

This video explains how to handle and take care of a horse. Always approach a horse quietly so that you don’t startle him. Talk to him and pet his neck. Horses are social animals and react well to being spoken to in soft soothing tones.

In addition to voice and body signals, bridles and bits are one of the main ways of communicating with the horse. Bridling should be done carefully so as not to bump the bit against his teeth.

For your own safety when riding wear a helmet and proper shoes that won't slip out of the stirrups.

Before taking a horse on a ride, warm him up by riding him at a walk. After the ride it is important to let him cool down. Grooming keeps the coat clean and prevents saddle sores. Brush in a circular motion starting at the neck and working down the body. Remember to clean the hooves to remove stones that could give him sore feet.

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